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To create a Budget in Tally

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Budgets > Create
  • In the Budget Creation screen enter a Name for your budget.  Select from the List of Budgets for Under field. You can have a hierarchical setup for budgets. In the List of Budgets, Primary is at the top of the hierarchy and you can create more primary budgets. Sub-budgets can be created under Primary budgets. 
  • Enter the period of the budget in the From and To fields. The period entered can be a month, a year or any other period.
  • In Set/Alter Budgets of, select

Groups – To create a budget for a Group of ledger accounts. Ledgers – To create a budget for Ledgers. Cost Centres – To create a budget for Cost Centres.

  • Accept to save.

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Budget in Tally

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