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Common points to be noted for preparing Excel file for import masters

  1. Excel file should be in “.xls” formats only.
    • Use Save as option in file menu for saving excel file.
    • In save as from, in Save as type, choose > Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls), then save the file.
  2. Sheet name should be as the Name of the Master Type and without space in the name.
    • Example, for Ledger Master, sheet name should be as “Ledger”,
    • For Stock Item Master, sheet name should be as “StockItem” and
    • For Price List, sheet name should be as “PriceList”
    • Sheet name is Case Sensitive, so use first letter in CAPS for each word
  3. Excel Data, Column header should be in defined format.
    • Primary column “Name” should exist for all masters, thru which the name of such master is being linked to Tally.
    • Rest of the Column can be added as required, but it should be equal to the Storage Field used in Tally.
    • No space in the Column Header
      • example, header name “Pin Code” is wrong, “PinCode” is correct.
    • No blank row should be in excel sheet for continues reading of data.
    • No blank column should be in headers
    • Column header is not case sensitive.

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