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Preload Configuration for E-Commerce

  1. Transaction Type
    • Choose anyone transactions at once to import, either Sales or Sales Return.
  2. Default Party Ledger Name
    • Choose Party ledger to be used in Tally for accounting.
      (Example: Amazon, Flipkart, Meshoo and etc..)
    • This ledgers will be listed from connected Tally data which are grouped under sundry debtors or sundry creditors.
  3. Load Transactions with Inventory
    • Set this Yes, if vouchers to be imported with inventory.
  4. Use multiple Godown in Tally by Warehouse
  5. Split Sales ledger by Tax Rate
    • Sales ledgers will be bifurcated automatically as per the tax rate of the stock item.
    • Set this Yes, if sales ledgers are to be split by the tax rate.
      (Example: Sales GST 5%, Sales IGST 18%)
  6. Default Sales Ledger Name
  7. Split Tax Ledger by Tax Rate
  8. Is Invoice
  9. Set Voucher Type Name by Warehouse
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