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Scenario management is a management tool that enables different displays of accounts and inventory related information, by selectively including certain types of vouchers without affecting the source data. It is useful in generating provisional reports, where entries are not actually made in the main books. It is also a useful forecasting tool i.e. you can forecast the expenses using provisional Vouchers and include them in your reports. The vouchers that are used in Scenario Management are:

Creating a Scenario Set Use Reversing Journals & Optional Vouchers in  F11:Company Features to Yes. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Scenario > Create Creating%20a%20Scenario[1]

  1. Give a suitable name to the scenario. In this case, it is Provisional.
  1. Set Include Actuals to Yes
  2. Set Exclude Forex Gains/Losses Calculations to Yes if you do not want the Unadjusted Forex Gain/Loss  element to appear in the scenario
  3. Set Exclude Inventory Tracking Calculations to Yes if you do not want the Sales/Purchase Bills Pending element to appear in the scenario
  1. Include

From the list of vouchers, include the type of vouchers required. Notice that it picks up the Voucher Types created for this company. Provisional Vouchers and Regular vouchers that are marked Optional are permitted for selection. 6.  Exclude Exclude from the list of vouchers already included in the type of vouchers that you do not  want to affect this scenario. This option is used in Alter mode and hence is discussed under Alter/Display Scenario Information. 7.  Accept to create this scenario. Using Scenarios in Statements and Reports You can use scenarios in statements (not registers) that have the New Column button active.

  1. Display the Balance Sheet.
  2. Select New Column.
  3. In the column details, tab down to Types of Values to Show.
  4. Select the scenario named Provisional.

The Balance sheet displays as shown with two columns for the same date.Using%20Scenarios%20in%20Statements%20and%20Reports[1] Note the Provision for Depreciation figures in both the columns. The actual column shows –18250 while the Provisional column shows –33250. This is on account of the reversing journal entry in the Scenario. To view, go through the Exceptional Reports Display Menu. Use the same procedure to create another scenario for Sales Forecasts.

  1. Create a new Scenario and call it Sales Forecasts.
  2. Include Sales Vouchers Optional Only.
  3. Create 12 Sales Vouchers, one in each month. Remember to mark them Optional.
  4. View the Sales Accounts by drilling-down the Profit & Loss A/c.
  5. Bring up New Columns and limit each column date range to the following month.

The Sales forecast figures must display.

Scenario Management in Tally

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