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Scope of Activities for Tally Implementation

Accounting Structure

  • Structure of Chart of Accounts
  • Structure Cost Center and Category
  • Structure of Voucher Types
  • Multi-Currency and Forex Entries
  • Multi-Currency Reports and Analysis
  • Vouchers and Documentation Link Setup
  • Scope for Integrated Accounting System
  • Budget and Controls
  • Process and Sequence for Accounting Entries
  • Scope for Mercantile/Accrual method of accounting
  • Enabling Basic Accounting Reports
  • Enabling Advanced Financial Reports
  • Enabling use of Advanced Banking Features
  • System controlled methods of Accounting Entries
  • Basic Fixed Assets concepts and accounting entries
  • Scope of use of Cost Centre in entries and Reports

Inventory Structure

  • Structure Stock Item Master Setup
  • Structure for Groups & Category
  • Structure for Multi Godown and Material movement
  • Scope for use of Batch level Inventory
  • Process and Sequence for Inventory Entries
  • Setup for Job/Project Costing
  • Setup for Material Issue and Production Process
  • Setup for Semi-finished and Finished Goods
  • Process for accounting Additional and Landing cost
  • Structure for Job In/Out orders and Material movements
  • Structure for BOM for Finished Goods & Semi Finished Goods
  • Structure Reorder Level
  • Scope for use of Cost Tracking features
  • Scope for use of Price Level for Customers
  • Enabling to use Standard Inventory Reports
  • Enabling to use advanced Inventory Reports

Security Controls

  • Users Access and Security Controls
  • Data Security Controls
  • Tally Network Setup for Local, Remote & Web
  • Enabling Secured Data Access to Users
  • Enabling Performance Balancing Solutions
  • Scheduled Automatic Backup of Tally Data
  • Setup for Auto Back-up on Cloud


  • Structure Employee master
  • Setup Pay Heads
  • Setup Leave Management
  • Automate Payroll process
  • Generate Payment Advice, Paysheet and Payslip
  • Structure for Tax compliance (PF, ESI, Gratuity & Income Tax)

Statutory and Compliance

  • Complete setup for GST accounting
  • Complete setup for TDS accounting
  • Complete setup for TCS accounting
  • Complete setup for PF, ESI, Gratuity & Income Tax for Payroll

Reports and Analysis

  • Explore to use of Standard Financial Reports
  • Explore to use Advanced Reports for Analysis
  • Ledger Analysis and Reports Reconciliation Concepts
  • Explore the Concept of Inventory Movement through Reports
  • Advanced Costing concepts in Tally
  • Integrated (Value and Ratio) Analysis for Accounts and Inventory
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