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Maintenance Service – Micro Business

Basic Services

  • Guidance on optimum utilisation of Tally
  • Unlimited Free Voice Support
  • Unlimited Free Online Support
  • Support on Periodical Technical Issues
  • Support on Periodical Functional Issues
  • Advice on adoption of updates from Tally

Statutory Compliance

  • GST Accounting in Tally
  • TDS Accounting in Tally
  • Generate Statutory Returns from Tally

Maintenance Service – SME Business

Financial & Business Accounting

  • Training on Systematic Accounting Methods
  • Training on Integrated Accounting System
Additional Services
  • Onsite Support (Touche Services)
  • Periodical Training on Updates
  • Periodical Visits for Software Updates

Advanced Features in Tally

  • Advanced Voucher Management in Tally
  • Advanced Reports in Tally
  • Management Report System (MIS) in tally
Data Management Services
  • Tally Data Back-up Methods
  • Auto Back-up of Tally Data
  • Integrating Tally Data with other Software
  • Security on Tally Data Access to Users

Maintenance Service – Enterprises

Inventory Accounting

  • Methods on Integrated Accounting System
  • Guidance on Invoice Entry Methods in Tally
  • Guidance on Inventory Methods in Tally
  • Guidance on Advanced Inventory Reports

Business Process Support

  • Functional Business Study and functional advice
  • Business process study and internal customization
  • Management Report System (MIS) in tally
  • Functional Training and Support

* Free Basic Tally Master TDL available for our AMC clients

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