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Highlights of Master Imports

  • Import all type of Masters from excel to Tally directly
  • Single and Simple Excel Formats are used for all type of masters
  • Child part of Primary Data can be imported using single excel format
  • Undo Import, masters once imported, can be deleted or undo back anytime
  • Import Selected Masters, all or selected masters can be imported by users choice
  • Customised UDF storage of tdl can be imported
  • Update or alteration of Masters details can be done easily
  • Bulk Deletion of Masters can be done from excel
  • Verify New and Existing Masters is possible before import
  • Dependent Masters of Masters can be verified with Tally before import
  • Auto creation of missing Masters of dependents with parent selection during import

Accounts Master

Payroll Master

Advanced Master

  • Company Master
  • Security Level
  • Users List
  • Advanced Masters

Tax Master

  • GST Master
  • TDS Master
  • Other Taxes
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