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Overview of Features and Functions in Tally

Accounting Features

  • Ledger Management
    • Simple Ledger Management
    • Advanced Ledger Master
    • Party Ledger Management
    • General Ledger Management
  • Multi-Currency & Forex Adjustments
    • Multi-Currency entries in voucher entries
    • Ledger balances in forex currency, with bill outstanding
    • Ledger balances in dual currency, with bill outstanding
    • Triple currency in voucher entry
  • Budgeting and Variance Analysis
    • Budgetary Control in Accounting
    • Control on accounting entries with budget
    • Control on accounting entries with ceiling on user hierarchy
  • Scenario Management
    • Custom report filtering system
    • Advanced filtering system for all reports
  • Integrated Accounting System
    • Integrating of Inventory and Accounts
    • Enabling inventory costing to accounts and vice versa
  • Asset Management
    • Concept and Setup for Fixed Assets master by category or block of assets
    • Methods for accounting fixed assets entries
    • Fixed Assets Registers
    • Fixed Assets Reports – Basic
    • Fixed Assets Reports – Advanced
  • Banking Features
    • Auto Bank Reconciliation (import from excel or csv files)
    • Cheque Book Management
    • Auto E-Payment methods, only for specified banks
    • Offline E-Payment methods, only for few banks
    • Ledger Bank Management
    • Cheque printing (single/multi)
  • Accounting System
    • Method of Accounting
    • Point of Entry for Accounting
    • Adopt Mercantile accounting system 
    • Adopt Cash Basis Accounting System

Cost Centre Management

  1. Cost Centre Master Structure
  2. Cost Category Structure
  3. Cost Centre for Inventory
  4. Project/Job Costing
  5. Advanced Project/Job order processing
  6. Cost Tracking (linked to accounts, inventory & order vouchers)
  7. Smart Cost Centre control in Vouchers

Voucher Features

  1. Structuring of Voucher Types
    • Accounting Vouchers
    • Inventory Vouchers
  2. Payroll Vouchers
  3. Order Vouchers
  4. Exceptional Vouchers (Optional & Memorandum)
  5. Voucher Authorisation
  6. Voucher Approval
  7. Voucher Audit
  8. Advanced voucher tracking info (user, date, time, system, alteration log & etc.)
  9. Dynamic and sequence control on vouchers hierarchy tracking
  10. Advanced Printing of Vouchers
  11. Dynamic Print Setup for all vouchers
  12. Export/Upload/Email of vouchers
  13. Multi vouchers printing
  14. Voucher Features Advanced
    1. QR Code printing in vouchers
    2. Sign vouchers using Digital Signature for encryption
  15. Invoice/Inventory Vouchers
    1. Enable vouchers with stock item
    2. Automate Price Level in stock item
    3. Advanced price level control with Party, Stock item
    4. Advanced filter for Stock Group, Godown, Stock Item in Vouchers

Outstanding Management

  1. Ledger credit limit & credit days control
  2. Advanced Ledger Credit limit control
  3. Advanced Ledger Credit days control
  4. Ledger Group Credit limit control
  5. Ledger Group credit days control
  6. Smart Bill allocation on voucher entry
  7. Interest calculation – basic
  8. Interest calculation – advanced
  9. Track Credit performance
  10. Control on-account entries in vouchers for Bills

Statutory Compliance

  1. Goods and Service Tax (GST)
    • Structure GST compliances to all masters
    • Automate GST Accounting thru entries
    • GST Reports for filing of Returns
  2. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
    • Automate TDS Accounting thru entries
    • TDS reports for 26Q & 24Q
    • Automate TCS Accounting thru entries
    • Deductions (Special deduction like Covid’19 & etc.) and corresponding Reports.
  3. Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
    • Automate TCS Accounting thru sales vouchers
    • TDS reports for 27EQ
    • Automate TCS Accounting thru entries

Security Features

  1. Users Security Controls on Reports and Voucher Entry
  2. Advanced Voucher Security Controls
  3. Advanced Users Security Controls
  4. Advanced Security on User Specific Reports
  5. Data Security Features
  6. Enabling Secured Data Access to Users
  7. Enabling Performance Balancing Solutions
  8. Scheduled Automatic Backup of Tally Data
  9. Setup for Auto Back-up on Cloud
  10. Advanced Control on users to Print/Export/Upload Vouchers and Reports

Purchase Features

  1. Indent Process
  2. Reorder Level Basic (Irrespective of location)
  3. Reorder Level Advanced (by respective location)
  4. Purchase Order (PO)
    • Control PO with Indent
    • Payment process against Approved PO’s
    • Linking of different parties in the PO – like Transporter, Insurance Etc.
  5. Gate Pass Entry
    • Gate entry for only Approved PO’s.
    • Integration with weighbridge system
  6. Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
    • Track GRN against PO
    • Goods Receipts w.r.t – with and w/o Gate Pass
    • Control against approved PO’s
  7. Quality Check and Rejection
    • Marking of accept or rejection qty for GRN
    • Entries to Rejection note, Credit note
  8. Rejection Out & Debit Note
    • Track against Purchase & PO
    • Control against Purchase & PO
  9.  Purchase
    • Track against GR & PO
    • Control Purchase against GR & PO

Inventory Management

  1. Item Master
    • Item Code/Part Number (manual)
    • Default Accounting Allocation for voucher
    • Default godown for stock item for voucher
    • Batch Process
    • Standard Rate for Purchase
    • MRP/Marginal Price for Stock Item
    • Dynamic Alternate Units
    • Bill of Materials (BOM)
    • Bin Location Setup
    • Simple description for Stock Item
    • Multi line description for Stock Item
  2. Stock Group
  3. Stock Category
  4. Multi Godown Process
    • Third party godown concepts
  5. Manufacturing / Production Process
    • Stock Transfer, Consumption, WIP Process & Finished Goods
  6. Inventory Costing
    • Additional Cost of Purchase
      • Accounting Level
      • Inventory Level
    • Landing cost for inventory
    • Advanced Landing cost for inventory in Vouchers
    • Advanced Additional cost for inventory in Vouchers
    • Advanced default valuation methods
  7. Auto consumption and production methods
  8. Job Order (In/Out)
    • Material Movement with BOM control
    • Reports to track delivery and receipt of materials
    • Control Material movement agains Job Order In/Out
  9. Returnable ad Non-Returnable goods movements
  10. Integrate Bar Code readers to inventory entries
  11. Integrate RFID with inventory entries

Sales and Marketing Features

  1. Sales Order
  2. Track Delivery Note with Sales Order
  3. Control Delivery Note against Sales Order
  4. Sales Invoice
  5. Track Sales Invoice with Delivery Note
  6. Control Sales against Sales Order & Delivery Note
  7. Rejection In & Credit Note
  8. Price Level for Sales – Item level
  9. Price level linked with debtors
  10. Advanced Price control with MRP, Cost Price, Fixed Cost and etc.


  1. Truck masters
  2. Loading Memo Process
  3. Entry for Stock Transfer between locations
  4. GPS System goods-in-transit
  5. Track GPS info @ material receipt point
  6. Integration with weighment machine
  7. Control goods receipt over GPS negative log
  8. Control gate pass over GPS negative log
  9. Provision for update quantity difference at recipients location


  1. Integrate Tally with external application
  2. Import Data from Excel to Tally
  3. Concepts for enabling control for Vouchers with External Application
  4. Auto Sync of vouchers and reports with External Data


  1. Employee Master
    • Personal details of employee
    • Statutory details of employee (IPF, ESI, Passport, Income Tax & etc.)
  2. Salary Master of Employee
    • Period wise salary details
    • Updating of sales details for increment (manual, employee wise)
  3. Leave Management structure – basic
  4. Link leave management with pay head
  5. Various types of Attendance Entries
  6. Auto calculate of salary every month
  7. Integrate and automate Bio-metric
  8. Statutory Compliances
    • Auto Statutory Compliance (ESI, PF & Income Tax)
    • Auto Compute & Deduct Income Tax from monthly Salary
  9. Payslip
    • Multi payslip generation
    • Send multi payslip by email
  10. Custom reports for Employee Master
  11. Custom Print Setup for Payslip
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