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Highlights of Smart Features of Tally Master – Excel to Tally


  • Simple and user created excel templates for all Imports
  • Customisable Excel templates for any required details
  • Undo/Delete Anytime to Tally after Import
  • Customised UDF of tdl of vouchers or masters can be imported

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  • All or selected vouchers can be imported by users choice
  • Undo/Delete imported vouchers anytime after import
  • Alteration or re-import vouchers anytime with duplication control
  • Auto selection of Voucher Type by default
  • Custom selection of voucher type by user for all vouchers
  • Dependent Masters can be verified with Tally data before import
  • Auto creation of missing Masters with smart group selection
  • Smart grouping of single voucher with multi-line and multi column
  • Smart excel templates for Invoice vouchers with dynamic contents
  • Direct import of E-Commerce vouchers, such as Amazon, Flipkart and etc.
  • Bill Name can be used for adjusting amount against respective ledgers
  • Cost Centre can be used against respective ledgers
  • Auto Numbering of Vouchers
  • Auto Rounding off calculation for all columnar vouchers

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Bank Statements

  • Custom selection of Bank Account from Tally data
  • Allow selection of user defined voucher type name for Payment/Receipt/Contra
  • Custom selection of user voucher type name for Payment/Receipt/Contra
  • Auto detection of Contra Vouchers
  • Partial Import of transaction such as, withdrawals or deposits
  • Auto Reconciled Bank Dates in vouchers as per bank statement
  • User defined Bank Dates for bank reconciliation (BRS)

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  • Update or alteration of Masters details can be done easily
  • Bulk Deletion of Masters can be done from excel
  • Verify New and Existing Masters is possible before import
  • Dependent Masters of Masters can be verified with Tally before import
  • Auto creation of missing Masters of dependents with parent selection during import

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Tally to Excel

  • Import all Masters & Vouchers from Tally to Excel directly
  • Delete or Modify bulk Masters directly to Tally
  • Can Integrate with External Application to Tally Directly
  • Auto sync between Tally and other application using Tally Master API Service

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