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Points to know for Tally on Cloud

  • Tally software cannot run as front application and data @ back end with outside public network.
  • With VPN thru public network, connecting server and client, tally data access is restricted.
  • Accessing Tally Data directly through other than Tally.ERP 9 is not possible
  • Tally can only be accessed through below methods
    • Connect Tally @ server and Tally @ client in public network, through internet using services, which is provided by Tally company.
    • Connect Tally @ Server and Tally Browser access @ any web browser (including Mac, Ipad) is possible, but it is Read Only.
    • Connect Tally @ Server and connect 3rd party application on web is possible, using Tally integration technology.

What is Tally on Cloud

  • As explained, Tally Access is possible across cloud, only by using Desktop Sharing of computer, not by any other means other than above.
  • So having dedicated Server @ cloud or office, using below technologies, Tally Access on cloud can be enabled to intended users.

Prerequisite Technology for Tally on Cloud

  • Hardware Virtualisation (Optional)
  • Software Virtualisation Tool (Optional)
  • Dedicated Cloud or local hosted server preferred with Windows Server Edition
  • Windows RDS CAL for number of users
  • Static IP
  • Firewall (optional)
  • Thin Client (optional)
  • VPN technology (preferred for secured access only to the intended users)

Why Tally on Cloud

  • Work Remotely: use full functionality of Tally.ERP 9 on any device through a web browser over a completely secure connection. No need to install any software or application on desktop.
  • Complete data security and control: Ensure complete data security with accessibility only to the authorised users.
  • Centralize: Centralize all your data at head office and let users access Tally from various geographical locations in real time over the internet.
  • Data Backup: Automatic data backups will be taken on cloud enabling you to retrieve the backup data very easily.
  • Easy Printouts: Take printouts of invoices & reports from your local printer at anytime
  • Access other Apps: Not just Tally, you can also access your other desktop applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad on cloud at the same time & work efficiently.

Tally Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud security : Highly protected cloud with next generation firewall hence no risk of data corruption, data breach or data rewrite.
  • Scalable Cloud server : Take advantage of cloud infrastructure with scalable cloud servers
  • Speed & Reliability: Hosted on Best Tier Data Centers, running specialised Servers optimized to run Tally Service at high speed redundant connectivity
  • Fully Managed Services : Proper maintenance of cloud infrastructure with regular backup of data.
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