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What is Tally on Cloud

  • Tally data can be accessed directly across cloud, only by Tally software using Windows RDP and not by any other means other than Tally on Remote.
  • Also Tally can be integrated with other application using Tally Integration technology thru Tally software only.


  • Hardware Virtualisation (Optional)
  • Dedicated, cloud or local hosted server with Windows Server Edition
  • Windows RDS CAL for required number of users
  • Static IP


  • VPN

    • Using Firewall devices, access can be given to the intended users
    • Firewall device required
  • Thin Client

    • Using third party devices (NComputing, RDP and etc.)
    • Thin Client devices required
  • Direct RDP

    • Direct Access thru Static IP or Domain Name configured with Static IP
    • Software Virtualisation Tool can be used additionally for optimised security

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