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Tally’s Default

In default tally, for invoice voucher, selection of common revenue ledger such as Sales A/c or Purchase A/c is made compulsory for tacking automatic tax implication on such transactions.

In some cases, this feature may not be required to users or users wants go with some default selection of ledger without more confusion. Which is possible in Tally either to set auto accounting allocation in voucher type master or disabling totally in invoice configuration.


Using this TDL, there is an option enabled in each invoice voucher types, for filtering of particular groups for common ledger or linking of any one ledger in voucher type master.

With this TLD, while passing the transactions, users, either can select the limited ledgers from predefined groups or only one ledger will be allowed to select by default, which is configured in respective voucher types.

Common Revenue Ledger for Invoice Vouchers

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