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Common Revenue Ledger for Invoice Vouchers

Tally's Default In default tally, for invoice voucher, selection of common revenue ledger such as Sales A/c or Purchase A/c is made compulsory for tacking automatic tax implication on such transactions. In some cases, this feature may not be required to users or users wants go with some default selection…

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Change Default Controls in Tally

In Tally some of the areas cannot be controlled or modified, which is being controlled with some parameters. Some this these controls required to be overridden when user need to do some changes. Some of the controls are below. Enable Prevent Duplicates on voucher numbering, with manual or auto manual.…

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Advanced Columnar Stock Summary

Tally's Default There is no report available in Tally in stock summary, where some business need Part No., Godown, Stock Group, Unit and etc., for detailed analysis in the report. Use of thid TDL Using this TDL columnar stock summary with additional column of Part No., Stock Group Name, Unit,…

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Multi Godown Columnar Stock Summary

Tally's Default There is no report available in tally where stock summary can be displayed with columnar. Use of this TDL A new report of Stock summary with auto columnar reports is created is used for single point of view of entire stock items with different locations.

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Smart and Customisable Invoice Formats for Printing

Tallys Default In tally, there are only few set of features and template designs are available for printing of Sales, Purchase and more inventory or invoice print formats. Use of this TDL Using this TDL, there multiple and user customisable invoice formats are available. You can customise the content, formats,…

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Enable Smart Explode in Reports

Tallys DefaultIn Tally, while displaying or exporting of Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss A/c, there is one line can be exploded (detailed). Subsequent lines will not be exploded Use of this TDL Using this TDL, tally's default explode key (Shift + Enter) is enabled and in configuration (F12) also…

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