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Advanced Credit Limit Controls Tally Master Advanced Credit Limit Controls enables to restrict or allow Sales Invoice and Delivery Note to party where credit limit is exceeded along with individual ledger level control. Default credit limit features in tally doesn’t allow Sales or Sales Order, if credit limit of that party is exceeded. Using this features, credit limit restriction on Sales Order is disabled and control can be enabled or disabled for Sales Invoice and Delivery Note. Also this control will be override using Owner Login. Activate the Add-on. For Tally.ERP 9 Series A version lower than Release 3.6 and above Go to Tally Master Admin> F11: Features > Tally Master Add-On Features

  • Set “Yes” to the options “Activate/Alter Tally Master Features” and (If not activated earlier)
  • Set “Yes” to the options “Use Outstanding Management” and

§ Set “Yes” to the options “Use Advanced Credit Limit Controls Ø In the Party Ledger Master, credit limit should be set with value, with set “No” for “Override Credit Limit Control”, unless it is required to disable for some parties. And this control can be modified only by Company Owner or Owner of Tally User. Ø While passing the Sales Order, Sales Invoice and Delivery Note, Total Credit Limit and Available Credit Limit of the party displayed below the party line. While saving the same if credit limit is exceeded system stop saving the voucher for Sales Invoice, Delivery Note and the tally user should not be the Tally Owner.

Advanced Credit Limit Controls

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