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Tally Master Expenses Subtotal in Profit and Loss A/c enables to give subtotal to Indirect Expenses in Profit and Loss A/c in vertical, Horizondal and Colunar mode.
Primary requirement of using this features is, when users created primary Indirect Expenses Groups, while viewing the same in the Profit and Loss A/c they need to do manual totalling for arriving sub total for all indirect expenses. This tdl enables to get this automatic in various mode, where there is more than one indirect expenses groups.

Activate the Add-on.
For Tally.ERP 9 Series A version lower than Release 3.6 and above
Go to Tally Master Admin> F11: Features > Tally Master Features
§ Set “Yes” to the options “Activate/Alter Tally Master Features” and (If not activated earlier)
§ Set “Yes” to the options “Use Advanced Accounting Features” and

§ Set “Yes” to the options “Enable Expenses Subtotal in Profit and Loss A/c
Ø Go to Profit and Loss A/c now, you can see the same subtotal arrived automatically for Indirect Expenses.
Ø This same option is available in columnar reports, including ‘%’ for that total too.

Expenses Subtotal in Profit and Loss A/c

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