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Separate Debtors-Creditors Masters

Tally’s DefaultIn Tally, there is no menu or option available for managing Debtors or Creditors masters for users control. Use of this TDLUsing this tdl, there is separate menu added in ledger master, where Creditors or Debtors can be created and managed with specific option and controls.

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Disallow Duplicate Supplier Invoice No. in Vouchers

Tallys DefaultIn Tally, while entering purchase voucher, supplier invoice number is being used to track outstanding and statutory reports. Some cases users can mistakenly enter duplicate entry for same purchase invoice. Use of this TDLUsing this tdl, while entering purchase invoice in tally, supplier invoice number is being validated for…

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Advanced Cost Center Control in Voucher

Tallys DefaultsIn default tally, while using predefined cost centre class, name of the cost centre are listed and by open list in addition with list of employee. Use of this TDLUsing this TDL, users can enable mandatory selection of cost centre in very vouchers and can also define default cost…

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Filter Cash/Bank group ledgers in Payment/Receipt Voucher

There is a need for bifurcating payment or receipt voucher types thru below. Cash PaymentBank PaymentCash ReceiptBank Receipt In Tally, by default any type of ledgers can be used in Payment or Receipt.To overcome this, this tdl helps to set control on the type of group of ledgers or Cash/Bank…

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