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Multiple Alias for Masters

Multiple alias can be imported for all Masters. Using the column in excel Name_Name for adding alias name in multiple line for single master. This feature is common for all the masters (example: Ledger, Stock Item, Cost Centre and etc.).  

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Update or alteration of Masters details

Creation of Ledger Master Header, "Parent", which is the Group Name to the ledger and which is mandatory in excel. Ledger address ares multi line in storage and depends on your number of address line required, header for address in excel shall be used as below. Address1, Address2, Address3,..

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Verify Master for Import Masters

There are variety of masters are dependence to the listed masters, for importing any masters from excel to tally, such as; For Ledger – Group, Price ListFor Group – GroupFor Cost Centre –  Cost Centre, Cost Category For Stock Item – Stock Group, Stock Category, Godown, UnitsFor Stock Group - Stock Group (Parent)For…

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