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Enable Smart Explode in Reports

Tallys DefaultIn Tally, while displaying or exporting of Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss A/c, there is one line can be exploded (detailed). Subsequent lines will not be exploded Use of this TDL Using this TDL, tally's default explode key (Shift + Enter) is enabled and in configuration (F12) also…

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Department Reports

Department Reports Tally Default In default Tally, display menu is source of menu for all the reports. In the display menu all the reports are listed with further sub menu like Accounts Books, Inventory Books. TDL Our TDL is developed to re-organise the display menu by functions or departments of …

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Enable Gridlines and Borders in Reports

Tally's DefaultIn tally, there is no border lines available in any of the reports. Such as Trial Balance, Stock Summary, Daybook and etc. Use of this TDLUsing this tdl, many of the reports in tally can be enabled with smart border. Some of the list of reports are below. Trial…

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Enable Sl. No. in Invoice Voucher Screen

Tallys DefaultThere is no column available in invoice voucher on screen. It is available only on Pringing. Use of this TDLUsing this tdl, each voucher can be enabled with Sl. No. column on voucher invoice screen.

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Party Ledger Envelope Printing

Tallys DefaultThere is no envelope model printing available in Tally. Need of this TDLUsing this tdl, for printing envelope for any communication for postage, customer requires to pickup and print communication details from Tally directly, without updating manually.

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