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Stock Item Details in Vouchers

Details for Stock Item Allocation Basic Details Stock Item Name to be used for item. Unit, Rate & Amount for stock item shall be used. Alternate Unit Tracking Details (Track for Receipt or Delivery)  Tracking Number and Date can be used to fill in the item allocations of vouchers. Batch Godown Details  Batch and…

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Smart Grouping of Vouchers

Idea for Smart Grouping of Vouchers Vouchers are grouped automatically identify as unique vouchers by below models By Voucher Date By Voucher Number By Voucher Type By Reference By Reference Date By Party Ledger Name

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Auto Round Off in Import Vouchers

Auto Round Off Features in Import Vouchers In multi columnar voucher, either with inventory or without inventory, there is a possible for difference between an existing total amount and sum of ledger amounts. Using Tally Master - Excel to Tally, when multi columnar excel files are loaded, it will auto…

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