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Disable Post-Dated Voucher Entry

Tallys Default In Tally, it is possible for passing post dated voucher entry. That is, by default, users are allowed to pass voucher entry in future date by just changing the voucher date. Use of this TDL Using this TDL users are restricted to pass post dated voucher entries. This…

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Disallow Back Dated Voucher Entry

Tally’s DefaultIn tally, security control is available for restrict or disallow for voucher entry on back dated vouchers only for the users covered under security level. This control is not available user's under Owner or Administrator. Uses of this TDLUsing this tdl, additional security control is available, where in all…

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Disallow Duplicate Supplier Invoice No. in Vouchers

Tallys DefaultIn Tally, while entering purchase voucher, supplier invoice number is being used to track outstanding and statutory reports. Some cases users can mistakenly enter duplicate entry for same purchase invoice. Use of this TDLUsing this tdl, while entering purchase invoice in tally, supplier invoice number is being validated for…

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Voucher Delete Cancel Control

Tally Master Voucher Delete Cancel Control used to restrict deletion and cancellation of vouchers for defined users. Default tally allowed to delete and cancel of any voucher when alteration access provied in the security level. Using this features this can be totally locked and rights can be assigned to decided…

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Disable Print Voucher in Create Mode

Tally Master Disable Voucher Print used to restrict printing of vouchers in create mode, before the voucher saved. Default tally allowed to print any voucher during entry before it is saved. By this there is a chance that wher user printed the voucher before save and afterward if the voucher…

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