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Extracting ledger master data to Microsoft Excel using ODBC

To extract information from the ledger master to Excel, such as shown below: To extract ledger data to Microsoft Excel A. First click here to Enable ODBC in Tally 1. Open Microsoft Excel on your computer. 2. Click Data > Get External Data > From Other Sources > From Microsoft Query , as shown below: 3. Select TallyODBC64_9000* , as ODBC is enabled on the…

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Tally ODBC with Microsoft Excel

Tally ODBC extracts data from Tally and designs the reports in MS Excel. The steps to be followed are: Enable ODBC in Tally Start Tally and keep it open till the Mail Merge process is completed. Ensure ODBC Server is displayed on Tally’s calculator pane. Open MS Excel. Click on…

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E-mail Tally Reports

The E-mail is the most widely used facility on the Internet. It saves time and cost of postage. Use the email feature in Tally to: E-mail any Tally report or document like invoices or purchase orders Post reminder letters and statement of accounts The following example illustrates the use of…

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