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General Points

  1. Tally Master App will support any versions of Tally, from Tally 5.4, for import from Excel.
  2. Tally Software to be connected to the ODBC.
  3. Data import can be processed only from the local network through IP address any computer.
  4. To get connected, IP address and Port Number of Tally.ERP9 to be configured in Tally Master App.
  5. Enable ODBC in Tally
  • After Tally restarted, ensure that Tally is connected to ODBC
  • Open your company where you want to import from excel
  • Settings in Tally Master
  • Go to “Connection Settings” Menu
    • Don’t change the IP address, If the data is imported to same computer from the software, otherwise provide the IP address of the Tally system.
    • Give the same Port Number configured in Tally.ERP 9 in above point “2. f)”
    • Select the Company from the available list of opened companies in Tally.
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