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Procedure to Download from Tally to Excel

Any Masters or Vouchers can be downloaded from Tally directly to Excel using this software. Below are the steps to for download the same.

Standard models of excel templates are structured for required type data to be downloaded from tally.

  1. Load the defined excel template for required masters in the respective menu.
  2. Import from Tally, once template loaded.
  3. Once the master loaded, this can be exported to excel on the given button.

Master Template

  1. Excel file should be in “.xls” formats only
  2. Sheet name should be as master name,
    • Example for Ledger, sheet name should be as “Ledger”
    • For stock item, sheet name should be as “StockItem”
  3. Header of the excel sheet should as without space
    • Headers are not case sensitive
    • First column name “Name” is compulsory
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