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Points to be noted before import ledger master

  • Check here for Points to prepare Excel file for import masters before upload excel file.
  • Excel file Sheet name should be as “Ledger” (case sensitive).
  • Any field of Stock Item masters can be imported, including UDF.
  • Ensure that the excel file filled with required data correctly.

Steps by step action to import

  1. Open Tally Master App and go to Ledger menu under Masters menu
  2. Load Excel, excel file shall be loaded for import.
  3. Use Verify Master, to check the availability of dependence of ledgers in tally.
  4. Once verify master is done, then click Upload to Tally, for direct upload to tally.
  5. After upload is completed, summary of import shall be popped up for confirmation.
  6. Also at the end of the data grid, upload status flag will be reflected for detailed confirmation.

Creation of Ledger Master

  1. Header, “Parent“, which is the Group Name to the ledger and which is mandatory in excel.
  2. Ledger address ares multi line in storage and depends on your number of address line required, header for address in excel shall be used as below.
    • Address1, Address2, Address3,..

Alteration of Ledger Master

  1. Any specific details of ledger master can be modified.
  2. For altering ledger master, and if no alteration is required in Ledger Group, then header “Parent” need not be used.
  3. Below is the sample for update or alteration of list of ledgers

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