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File Type

  1. Excel file should be in “.xls” formats only
    • Use Save as option in file menu for saving excel file in *.xls format.
    • In save as from, in Save as type, choose > Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls), then save the file.
  2. Excel Sheet name, should be as Voucher Type or Form Name on software menu.
    1. Example, for sales vouchers, sheet name should be “Sales”
    2. For purchase vouchers, sheet name should be “Purchase”
    3. For payment vouchers, sheet name should be “Payment”
  3. Mandatory headers are in Green and Blue color in sample excel template, and which are not case sensitive.
  4. Header, VoucherNumber, shall be not be used, if voucher numbers are not followed in excel and vouchers are single line and unique vouchers.
  5. Header, VoucherTypeName, shall be used, where multiple voucher type entries are imported using single excel file to Tally.


  • Use configuration button on top right screen
    • Where list of voucher type name of that family available in tally will be listed.
    • User can select the default voucher type name to which the loaded entries to be imported.

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