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Excel Formats for Bank Statements

Template Model

There are two formats of Excel templates for import bank statements from excel to Tally, which can dynamically used.

  1. Bank Statement – Double column
  2. Bank Statement – Single column

Bank Statement – Double columnTemplate-11

Bank Statement – Single column

Mandatory Details

  1. Sheet name should be as “Bank”.
  2. Header of the sheet should as per the given two types of templates.
  3. There should not be any change in the header name, Caps, Small and Space.
  4. Header and Data Validations
    • Mandatory Column
      • Date, should be in date format.
      • Particulars or Description, is a text data as per the data from bank statement.
      • Amount, should be in number format and shall not have negative sign.
      • LedgerName, to be filled as per the required ledger name in Tally.
    • Optional Column
      • AccountName, is the bank ledger to which the bank statement is to be imported to tally.
      • Remarks, additional details can be added, if required.
      • Chq No, can be blank or any reference.
      • BillName, to be filled if required to map bill reference to respective ledgers.
      • CostCentre, to be filled if required to map cost centre to respective ledgers.
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