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There are few differences between regular sales vouchers vs. e-commerce sales vouchers

  1. In regular sales vouchers, sales invoice number will be used with party ledger for tracking bill outstanding. But in e-commerce voucher, Order ID will be used to track bill outstanding from e-commerce company.
  2. In regular sales party ledger and buyer name name are same. But in e-commerce, party ledger and buyer are not same always.

Excel file Validation before Import

  1. Check here for Common Procedure for Vouchers Import.
  2. Verify Master, connected master of the sales vouchers, such as; ledgers and stock items of the loaded excel can be verified and created to tally directly and automatically.

Step to Import from Excel

  1. Go to E-commerce Voucher menu, click “Sales”
  2. In the bottom, click “Load Excel”, select your sales vouchers updated excel file and it would be loaded on the screen.
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