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Tally Master Voucher Status Bar enables to get the Voucher Created, Altered and Cancelled Status in Vouchers creation, alteration and display mode.
Primary requirement of using this features is that tally data should enabled with security control with admin user name and password, can also with additional users. Using this features whenever an voucher is being created or altered that concerned data logged in user name will be updated on the voucher status on Entered By or Altered By field. Also when a voucher is being cancelled, audited the same status will also be displayed as Yes/No.


Set “Yes” to the options “Use Formarts, Menu and Display” and clip_image002[3]   Set “Yes” to the options “Show Voucher Status Bar in Vouchers clip_image004[3]   If you check voucher now, you can see at the bottom of voucher, Voucher Status Bar can be visible and there you can see the vouchers entered, altered details with date and time. Here the alteration will be updated on when the vouchers are being alter and saved. clip_image005   The status also can be displayed at voucher display mode (Alt+Enter) for all vouchers clip_image007[3]

Show Voucher Status Bar in Voucher

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