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Use Tally Smart Menu (Redesign Tally’s default menus)

Tally's DefaultIn Tally some of the menu's are inappropriate in menu location, which is seems to irrelevant on screen while enabling security controls for users. Use of this TDLUsing this tdl, some of the below menu's are relocated to relevant menu groups for better use. Banking MenuMulti Account PrintingImport of…

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Enable Gridlines and Borders in Reports

Tally's DefaultIn tally, there is no border lines available in any of the reports. Such as Trial Balance, Stock Summary, Daybook and etc. Use of this TDLUsing this tdl, many of the reports in tally can be enabled with smart border. Some of the list of reports are below. Trial…

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Enable Smart View (Align Columns and Fields to best fit)

SituationIn Tally there are few fields and columns are having limited width. By this few reports, such as, in Daybook, Voucher Type Name, Voucher Number columns width are not sufficient on the screen which looks constricted in report view. Need of this TDLThis tdl enables those fields to increasing the…

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