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Features in Import Payment Vouchers

How to Import Payment Vouchers from Excel to Tally

Step 1 – Prepare Excel

  • Prepare the excel file as per the prescribed Excel Formats.
    (Download sample excel from the link available at bottom of the page)
  • Ensure that excel files are properly filled with all the mandatory fields, which are green colored in sample excel.
  • Save the excel file as per the prescribed Excel file types, such as sheet name and file type.

Step 2 – Load Excel and Verify Masters

  1. Connect ‘Tally Master – Excel to Tally’ with Tally ODBC
  2. Go to the “Accounts Vouchers” menu, click the “Payment” form.
  3. Then click the “Load Excel” button (at the bottom screen), then select the prepared excel file.
  4. If the excel file is not loaded and any error pop-up, check the lists of errors for rectification.
  5. Use the data grid features, such as filter, search & group to analyse the loaded data.
  6. Click verify masters button (at the bottom of the screen), where the connected masters of the vouchers such as ledgers, cost centre, cost category, stock items, godown, units & voucher type of the loaded vouchers can be verified.
    (Missing masters can be created to tally directly in single click of button.)
  7. Click the configuration button (top right on the grid), to select the default voucher type, the account name for the loaded data.

Steps 3 – Upload to Tally

  • Once the verify master and configuration are completed, users can upload all or selected vouchers to tally.
    (Use check box on the left side in the data grid).
  • Now click the “Upload to Tally” button to upload entries in to Tally directly.

Steps 4 – Verify Import Status

  • Check the import process, log and report for details of records imported.
  • After upload is completed, users shall check the Tally and verity the same.
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