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How to Import Amazon MTR (Sales and Return) Vouchers

Features in import Amazon MTR (Sales & Return) Vouchers Both Sales and Sales Return can be imported from Amazon MTR reports. Both B2C and B2B transactions for sales and sales returns can be imported. See advanced Smart Features for Import E-commerce Vouchers.

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How to Import E-Commerce Settlement

Difference between Regular Receipt and E-Commerce Receipt Regular receipt can be with any ledgers, but e-commerce ledger always with party ledger and other ledgers. Regular receipt voucher has no mandatory for having BillName for ledger bill adjustments, but e-commerce receipt always will have Order_ID for adjust against sales order ID.…

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How to Import E-Commerce Credit Note Vouchers

Features in Import Credit Note Vouchers   Multiple types of Excel Formats are available to import. Smart voucher features available for auto grouping, indexing, voucher type selection and etc. Advanced accounting features for vouchers, such as multi-currency, bill details, cost centre and etc. Advanced features are available for voucher and invoice

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How to Import E-Commerce Sales Vouchers

There are few differences between regular sales vouchers vs. e-commerce sales vouchers In regular sales vouchers, sales invoice number will be used with party ledger for tracking bill outstanding. But in e-commerce voucher, Order ID will be used to track bill outstanding from e-commerce company. In regular sales party ledger and…

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