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Features in Import Contra Vouchers


How to Import Contra Vouchers from Excel to Tally

1 . Prepare Excel

  • Prepare the excel file as per the prescribed Excel Formats.
    (Download sample excel from the link available at bottom of the page)
  • Ensure that excel files are properly filled with all the Mandatory columns.
  • Save the excel file as per the prescribed Excel file types, such as sheet name and file type.

2 . Load Excel and Verify Masters

3 . Upload to Tally

  • Now Upload all or selected vouchers to tally.
    (Use check box on the left side in the data grid)
  • Now click the “Upload to Tally” button to upload entries in to Tally directly.

4 . Verify Import Status

  • Check the Import Process, Log and Report for details of records imported.
  • After upload is completed, users shall check the Tally and verity the same.
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