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Validation Rules for Excel file

  1. Check here for Common Procedure for Vouchers Import.
  2. Verify Master, connected master of the Memorandum vouchers, such as; ledgers and stock items of the loaded excel can be verified and created to tally directly and automatically.

Steps to Upload to Tally

  1. Connect ‘Tally Master – Excel to Tally’ to Tally through ODBC
  2. Go to Accounts Voucher menu, click “Memorandum”
  3. In the bottom, click “Load Excel”, select your Memorandum vouchers updated excel file and it would be loaded on the screen.
  4. Use Verify Master button for verifying the availability of ledgers between Excel sheet with company connected in Tally.
  5. Configuration (top right on the grid), to select the default voucher type, if multiple vouchers are created and used in Tally.
  6. Now click “Upload to Tally” button to import entries to Tally directly.
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