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Shortcut Key Shortcut key function Where to use
ESC To remove what has been typed into the data field while preparing a voucher At all data entry or typing field
ALT + D To delete a voucher/ To delete a master All the reports screen which can be viewed in columnar format
ALT + C To create a master At Voucher entry screen
ALT + X To cancel a voucher From day book or list of vouchers
CTRL + A To accept a form Wherever you use this key combination, that screen or report gets accepted as it is. This is a quick save option
CTRL + V To toggle between invoice and voucher mode At creation of Sales/ Purchase Voucher screen
ALT + I Insert a Voucher When you want to toggle between Item and Accounting Invoice
ALT + 2 To duplicate a voucher At sales ledger/ day book/ Ledgers > Place the cursor on the entry and press this short cut key to duplicate a Voucher
CTRL + N To switch to calculator During all data entry

Tally Shortcut Keys in Voucher Entry

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