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Procedure to import Amazon Sales Vouchers

Excel File Formats

  • Download MTR B2B & B2C report from Amazon
  • Save the file in *.xls format
  • Change the excel sheet name to “MTR”
  • Import using Amazon MTR report downloaded

Prerequisites in Tally Company Data

Loading Configuration

  • Go to E-Commerce menu and select Sales and Sales Return button in Amazon tab.
  • Click the Load Excel button and load the above saved excel file.
  • Choose Sales or Sales Return to import to Tally in preload configuration
    • Sales included Shipment & MFNShipment in transaction type
    • Sales Return included Cancel in transaction type
  • Use the preload configuration to the required output in Tally and click Ok
  • Dynamic selection Stock Item Name instead of SKU from Amazon
  • Track entries thru Order ID
  • Update B2B invoice with customer GSTIN
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